Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Information
Name Lieutenant Commander
Cause of Death
Physical Description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Career Information
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Ranger No.
Strike Group
Affiliations Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Jaegers piloted
Series information
Appeared In (canon)
Appeared In (non-canon) Pacific Rim: Training Day
Actor Robert Kazinsky
Voice Actor(s)
"You're the sorriest bunch of cadets to even touch a Jaeger, let alone pilot one."
—Lieutenant Commander

The Lieutenant Commander is a commanding officer in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[1]


The Lieutenant Commander observes a the training exercise of the pilots for Shameless Fox, Redflag Horowitz, and Wolf Queen. When Redflag Horowitz falls over, he demands to know how they expect to become pilots of the Corps. if they fail to stand upright. Jessie Cox complains to the Commander, asking if they are alternatives to piloting a Jaeger, like a joystick, that doesn't involve using his body.[1]

Disgruntled, the commander dismisses them as the sorriest group of cadets he's ever had to train, but infers that PPDC Command believes they're the cadets with the most potential and reaction time because of their history with video games.[1]

He demands they continue training and Wolf Queen attempts to lead by example with "micro-movements", only to fall over. A frustrated Lieutenant Commander demands that everyone stop and relax, and allow their minds to meld in the Drift. The cadets manage to master walking and standing upright. The Lieutenant Commander relays a Incoming Kaiju attack occurring at a nearby city that evaded radar with stealth properties the PPDC has never seen before now.[1]

Knowing that the Strike team is too far away, he reluctantly orders the cadets to attack the Kaiju Crabcat. The Lieutenant Commander coaches the cadets through the battle, reminding them to work together. When the team of cadets kill Crabcat, the Lieutenant Commander congratulates them on their victory, and calls them "newbs" before departing from the training area.[1]


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