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Lucky Seven is a Jaeger of unknown Mark classification.[4][1]


Lucky Seven is the first Jaeger assignment given to former RAAF pilot, Hercules Hansen and younger brother, Scott, during the Jaeger Program's earliest tenure. At some point in the Kaiju War, Lucky Seven is deployed in Hong Kong to fight a Kaiju that emerged from the Breach.[4]

In 2019, Herc pilots Lucky Seven during a three Jaeger drop in Manila, alongside Gipsy Danger and Horizon Brave, to stop a Category IV Kaiju.[4][5][3]

Herc is later reassigned to Striker Eureka with his son, Chuck.[6] Lucky Seven is destroyed some time during the Kaiju War.[4][1]

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Lucky Seven, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
MN-19 12/16/2019 Manila, Philippines Gipsy Danger
Horizon Brave


  • According to Travis Beacham, Scott piloted with Herc during the Kaiju attack in Manila on December 16 2019, contradicting his earlier assertion that he was dismissed from the Jaeger Program as Striker Eureka was deployed.[7][6] He later states that Striker Eureka was not the Jaeger Herc piloted in Manila, but Lucky Seven.[5][3]
  • Herc appears to have to Lucky Seven's decal on his jacket (a faded, stylized seven with wings on its left breast).[8]