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Luna Pentecost was a Royal Air Force pilot and the sister of Stacker Pentecost.[1]


Tales From Year Zero

Luna was in the process of training new fighter pilots when Trespasser attacked San Francisco in 2013. She and her friend Tamsin Sevier volunteered their squadron to help the United States Military fight against the rampaging creature and flew out to the air base in Vandenberg. When she returns her brother’s calls, she reveals that her holiday was a cover up for the base's training sessions.[1]

Stacker asks her why she chose to volunteer and Luna reminds him of the alliance between the United Kingdom and the US during World War II, feeling incumbent to return the favor without being asked. Stacker exposes her noble words as a desire to merely “slay a dragon”, a truth she freely admits to.[1]

Boarding her jet, she and Tamsin head out to San Francisco with her squadron and the USAF. Though the attacks from the fighter jets harm the creature, it does little to stop it. Luna attempts to fire an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile down the Trespasser’s throat, but fails to acknowledge Tamsin’s warnings of incoming danger. The Trespasser slashes her jet in half, killing her in the process.[1]


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