The following is a list of known discrepancies connected to Mako Mori within the Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising film and external canon.

Known Inconsistencies

Pacific Rim

  • According to Drift Space, Mako has no living relatives after the death of her parents.[1] In the novelization, her father's family is alive but rejects her because of her gender.[2]
  • According to Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters, Drift Space and the Pacific Rim novelization, Mako Mori is born April 23, 2003.[3][2][1] Travis Beacham says Mako was born January 23, 2005.[4]
  • Man, Machines & Monsters and the novelization state that Mako joined the Jaeger Academy in 2017.[3] However, Travis Beacham states she joined the academy in 2021.[5][4]

Pacific Rim: Uprising