This article is about the Jaeger from The Black. You may be looking for the Mark-6 Jaeger Valor Omega from Uprising.

Marauder Zeus is a Jaeger of unknown Mark classification.


Pacific Rim: The Black

Operation Blackout

During the evacuation of Meridian City, Marauder Zeus aids Hunter Vertigo against the Acidquill that attempts to kill civilians being transported by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Protecting Hunter Vertigo from certain destruction, Marauder Zeus opens fire on the Kaiju. The pilots, preoccupied with temporary victory, fail to notice another Acidquill approaching from behind. The Jaeger is impaled through the torso by one of Acidquill's tendrils.[1]

Marauder Zeus fires on the Kaiju as it moves in for the kill, but its weapons fail to keep it bay. Acidquill immobilizes Marauder Zeus, and leaps onto shoulders. It tears into the Conn-Pod, and the resulting explosion kills its pilots instantly and disables the Jaeger.[1]


Like Striker Berserker, Marauder Zeus is near-identical copy of Valor Omega. Differing from Valor Omega, Marauder Zeus is armed with a pair of rotary cannons. Marauder Zeus's color scheme appears muted, and the visor of its Conn-Pod glows yellow instead of blue.



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