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"...Mr. Bronislav always gets what he wants. ...One way or another."

Valetin Bronislav, better known as the "Mech Czar", is a Black market dealer working within the Santa Monica, California area.[1]


Early Life

Mech Czar was born Valetin Bronislav. At some point during the Kaiju Wars, Czar rose to power in the Santa Monica area and became major power within Black market. In the aftermath of the war, Czar dealt primarily in the acquisition and construction of Rogue Jaegers. Those who choose to work for him are gifted with Rogue Jaegers built from the parts of original Jaegers produced by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[1]

When illegal races between Rogue Jaegers rose to prominence, Czar positioned himself as a point of influence, making it so that those conducting the races would have to answer to him or an associate to proceed despite his perceived lack of influence. Mech Czar also set up a ring of illegal websites for betting on Jaeger races, and used them sponsorship and advertisement deals for those who chose to operate their races through him.[1]

Pacific Rim: Amara


In 2030, six years following the Insurrector attack at the Santa Monica pier in 2024, Mech Czar learns of the existence of a Rogue Jaeger named "Scrapper". Garza, an associate of Czar, attempts to buy it from its creator, a former businessman named Kai.[1]

Kai rejects the offer, telling him the Jaeger is not for sale. Despite the rejection, Garza pursues the Jaeger and follows Kai back to his warehouse. There, he attacks and kills Kai's partner, Hannah, and steals Scrapper for Czar. Garza proceeds to use Scrapper to bully Ada, an organizer for Jaeger races and torment the participants in the race.[1]

Despite Czar's wishes, he never obtains Scrapper for himself. Amara Namani, a ward of Kai and Hannah, works with Kai to disable Scrapper, and overthrow Garza's momentary coup of Ada's race; Garza is killed by Scrapper when it topples over on him, but not before Kai is killed by one of Garza's subordinates, Jin Yaozu.[1]

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