Mei is a mercenary and former member of the Bogan faction led by Shane. She is an auxiliary co-pilot for Atlas Destroyer.


Early Life

Prior to the Uprising Wars, Mei lived in Clayton City with her mother and father. Her family owned and worked at a Chinese café. At some point, her family encounters a man named Shane.[1]

When Mei is "stolen" from her family, she is taken under the wing of Shane, who uses the Drift to fragment her memories and implant false or misleading information into her mind.[3]

Shane convinces Mei he was a family man that lost his wife and daughter using memory drives. That he found her on the streets, and raised her. At Shane's side, Mei is trained from childhood to become a proficient mercenary and killer.[3]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Meeting the Travis siblings

Leaving Bogan

Clayton City

Known Inconsistencies


  • According to Loa's estimate, Mei is nineteen years old.[2]


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