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Mei is a mercenary and former member of the Bogan faction led by Shane.[3] She is an auxiliary co-pilot for Atlas Destroyer.[2]


Early Life

Prior to the Uprising Wars, Mei lived in Clayton City with her mother and father. Her family owned and worked at a Chinese restaurant. At some point, her family encounters a man named Shane.[1]

When Mei is "stolen" from her family, she is taken under the wing of Shane, who uses the Drift to fragment her memories and implant false or misleading information into her mind.[4]

Shane convinces Mei he was a family man that lost his wife and daughter using memory drives. That he found her on the streets, and raised her. At Shane's side, Mei is trained from childhood to become a proficient mercenary and killer.[4]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Meeting the Travis siblings

Leaving Bogan

To be written

Clayton City

After Joel's death, Mei splits from the siblings before walking on foot back to Clayton City. She finds shelter in her family's long abandoned restaurant.[5]

When the siblings return to Clayton City, following a distress signal, Mei, from the top of a high rise, shoots at their Jaeger's visor with a sniper, drawing their attention. She then points to the painted words "GO AWAY", to which the siblings ignore, and exit their Jaeger, meeting her on the roof. She sarcastically notes their bullheadedness, under the impression they were tracking her. After learning their true intentions, to find the Jaeger giving out the distress signal, she pointedly makes note of not letting the siblings search in their "clumsy mech" and instead makes them search on foot.

She leads them down the building, reaching the first floor where the restaurant is. She points them to the door, eager to see them go, until Hayley confronts her about memories and feelings of loneliness. Mei quickly shuts down the conversation. Just before the trio of Taylor, Hayley and Boy leave, Boy smiles and waves back at Mei, causing her to frown. With a change of heart, Mei offers the trio hot chocolate. As the party sits together in silence, Mei reflects on a memory of her younger self, when she lived at the restaurant. Mei reminisces encountering Shane there, before she is shaken out of her memory by Boy, who accidentally turned on the jukebox.

Hayley jumps up to turn it off, apologizing immediately to Mei, but Taylor tells her to leave it on, to no protest of the older girl. Mei is amused when Hayley eggs Taylor on to dance with her and Boy. Taylor jumps up, and the trio dance together, to which Mei watches from the table, smiling and tapping her feet to the beat of the music, before Hayley pulls her to join in as well. She is resistant for a moment, before loosening up, snapping her fingers and dancing with everyone else, until she catches her reflection in the mirror, prompting her to stop. Hearing Shane's demeaning voice enters her head, Mei returns to her reserved self and she turns off the jukebox.[1]

Known Inconsistencies


  • According to Loa's estimate, Mei is nineteen years old.[2]
  • In Pacific Rim: Aftermath: Issue 3, a character called Mei is mentioned by Hannibal Chau. It is unclear whether this is the same Mei as in Pacific Rim: The Black.[6]


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