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Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Operation Pitfall
Chapter: Chapter 34, Page 335
1 March 2025

Operation Pitfall is a success, despite each of its individual tactical elements failing. The original mission plan called for Striker Eureka to deliver a nuclear payload into the Breach while Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, and Gipsy Danger provided a picket line of defense against any kaiju countermeasures.

The destruction of Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon at Hong Kong, together with Kaiju Science's revelation that the Breach scanned incoming objects for kaiju DNA, changed the nature of the mission. Sergeant Hercules Hansen was wounded in the Hong Kong engagement; Marshal Stacker Pentecost took his place in Striker Eureka. During the operation three kaiju—Scunner, Raiju, and Slattern—damaged Striker Eureka badly enough that it could not continue. Gipsy Danger’s nuclear reactor then became the payload, and Stiker Eureka the defensive measure. Pentecost detonated the nuclear device, killing Scunner and Raiju.

Gipsy Danger continued the mission, disappearing from LOCCENT surveillance for a period of several minutes. Per pilot Raleigh Becket’s report, he witnessed the nature of the Anteverse during this time, and set Gipsy Danger’s self-destruct sequence before ejecting both himself and co-pilot Mako Mori.

The Breach appears closed. Surveillance of Challenger Deep and nearby areas of the Marianas Trench revealed no unexpected energy discharge and no evidence of tectonic activity other than typical subduction rates observed over the past several decades.

Surveillance will continue. If the enemy that created the kaiju and the Breach was not killed in the detonation of Gipsy Danger’s reactor, they will try again. The Jaeger program will now sunset. Research will continue into Pons/Drift technology and Kaiju Science initiatives to reverse engineer Kaiju biotechnology. Hong Kong’s Shatterdome will be in the center of these research initiatives.

Marshal Hercules Hansen