Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Pan-Pacific Defense Corps Shatterdome Facility Status Report
Chapter: Chapter 5, Page 67
December 30, 2024

Completed November 23, 2016. Decommissioned October 12, 2024. Sold with Kodiak Island academy facilities to private buyer.

Hong Kong
Completed November 25, 2015. Remains active. Current site of Mark III Restoration Project under direction of J-Tech leader Tendo Choi. Active Jaeger assets: Cherno Alpha, Crimson Typhoon, Striker Eureka. Inactive: Gipsy Danger.

Completed August 9, 2016. Decommissioned October 18, 2024. Sold to Peruvian government.

Los Angeles
Completed July 11, 2017. Decommissioned December 20, 2024. Incorporated into Long Beach Anti-Kaiju Wall segment.

Panama City
Completed November 23, 2017. Decommissioned December 29, 2024. Disposition pending. Partially destroyed during attack of kaiju Mutavore, December 27, 2024. Striker Eureka seconded to Hong Kong Shatterdome.

Completed December 15, 2016. Decommissioned October 29, 2024. Sold to private buyer.

Completed December 4, 2016. Decommissioned December 11, 2024. Deeded to Russian government in exchange for landing, refueling, and airspace rights. Cherno Alpha seconded to Hong Kong Shatterdome.