Meridian's Kaiju is a Kaiju of unknown category that emerged from a Breach in Australia. It quickly engaged Hunter Vertigo, but is eventually slayed by the Jaeger.


A bipedal Kaiju with a robust upper body and three-fingered club-like hands, the beast had a reptilian appearance with the bioluminescent glow from its veins. It could produce a spike from a hole in its palm which can be used as a dangerous melee weapon to stab the target.


The Kaiju emerges from a Breach and attacks the city of Meridian. Locating Hunter Vertigo, the Kaiju engages, exchanging punches with the Jaeger. The two combatants punch each other simultaneously, with Hunter Vertigo being slamming into a building. The Kaiju advances and plunges a spike into the Jaeger's torso. Hunter Vertigo retaliates by firing one of cryo-cannons, striking the Kaiju and freezing it solid. With its foe frozen, the Jaeger easily rips the spike out and uses it against the Kaiju, causing it to fall apart.[1]





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