Biographical Information
Name Miles
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Hair Blonde
Height 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Career Information
Occupation Anti-Kaiju Wall Construction Foreman[1][2]
Ranger No.
Strike Group
Jaegers piloted
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim (cameo)
Appeared In (non-canon) Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization
Actor Brad William Henke[3]
Voice Actor(s)
"Who wants to work and who wants to eat?"

Miles[2] works as a manager on the Sitka, Alaskan quadrant of the Anti-Kaiju Wall.


Pacific Rim

During a gathering inside the building adjacent to the Anti-Kaiju Wall, Miles announces that he has good news and bad news. When a worker, named Tommy, volunteers for bad news, Miles reports that three men died on the top of the wall. The good news is that their deaths left three openings for workers willing to work at the top of the wall for Ration cards. Former Jaeger pilot, Raleigh Becket, along with Tommy, are among the three workers who chose to work the top of the wall.[1]

Pacific Rim Novelization

When Miles announces the deaths of three men who worked atop the Anti-Kaiju wall, he asks who is willing to take their place. Tommy and one other man volunteer, taking the ration cards from his possession. When it appeared that no one would take the final card, Raleigh Becket volunteered.

Miles mocks him, questioning his bravery; Raleigh states he has no problem with heights, a fact Miles accepts before he reminds him that there will be no one to "mop him up" if he fell from the wall.[2]

Shortly after Stacker Pentecost reunites with Raleigh, Miles finds the former pilot in the tent. He remarks that he thought he'd lost Raleigh to Pentecost's proposal to return to the Jaeger Program. He makes a joke, asking "how many Jaegers it takes to change one lightbub?" He doesn't allow Raleigh to answer, instead stating that the Jaegers couldn't change anything.

When he notices Raleigh's anger, Miles reminds him that he's in charge. Raleigh appears to want to celebrate this and sits his beer can on the table in front of them. Miles asks where his beer is, Releigh points to his beer and smashes Miles' face into the can as payback before he departs with Pentecost.[2]


  • Miles' actor, Brad William Henke, is credited as "Construction Foreman". The name "Miles" is provided in the novelization.
  • The scene wherein Raleigh attacks Miles with his beer can in the novelization was filmed but never included in the film.


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