Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon, and Cherno Alpha approach the Miracle Mile in Victoria Harbour.

"Gentlemen, your orders are to hold a miracle mile off Anchorage, copy?"
Stacker Pentecost[1]

The Miracle Mile[1][note 1] is the defensive perimeter for Jaegers to defend in order to prevent Kaiju from reaching land and populated cities.[2]


As Kaiju swim toward targeted coastal cities from the deep ocean, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps deploys its Jaegers into shallow coastal waters offshore to intercept and kill them before they can reach their targets. The target distance for a ideal intercept is ten miles offshore.[note 2][2]

The Miracle Mile is the designated defense point of a Jaeger following its deployment from the Shatterdome. The distance varies depending on the proximity of the incoming Kaiju. In the case of the 2020 Kaiju attack near Anchorage, it was exactly ten miles out from the Shatterdome on the Alaska coastline.[1] During the 2025 Double Event in Hong Kong, the Miracle Mile was on the coastline of Victoria Harbour, a minimal distance from the Southern End of Tsing Yi Island.[1]

The Miracle Mile earned its name for the difficulty Rangers experienced trying to stop Kaiju from coming ashore after it crossed the barrier of the ten mile line. It was considered a "miracle" that a Jaeger could keep Kaiju from making landfall.[2]


  1. "The Miracle Mile was a last-ditch perimeter, so named because if a Kaiju got through the ten-mile cordon, it was usually a miracle if a Jaeger could keep it from coming ashore." (pg. 20)
  2. "[...]That was a Jaeger's target distance for intercepting a Kaiju. If you let them get inside ten miles, it was hard as hell to stop them before they got their feet on land... and their teeth into the unfortunate people who had not yet evacuated that land." (pg. 13-14)


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