Mutavore is a breed[3] Category IV[2] Kaiju.


Mutavore has a hooked, sharp curve above on its plated and bony structure around its head and curving down from its chin in a crescent shape. Near the top of Mutavore's bladed crest is its mouth. Mutavore has three eyes on both sides of its head.[2]

In addition, the creature exhibits a bipedal structure containing two large arms ending in large claws, and two very small, almost insect-like appendages on its chest. Similar to its bladed head, Mutavore has huge, axe-shaped structures protruding from its back.[2]


Pacific Rim: Aftermath

Mutavore emerges from the Breach, December 27, 2024, two days after Christmas. The Category IV Kaiju presumably attacks the city Sydney, Australia, and destroys the Anti-Kaiju Wall.[1]

Once through the wall, it fights the Mark-3 Australian Jaeger, Vulcan Specter.[1] Mutavore tears Vulcan Specter apart, and leaves it in such a state that it is later discarded in a scrapyard in Santa Monica, California.[1]

Following Vulcan Specter's destruction, Mutavore comes up against the Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka. The speed and strength of Striker Eureka overwhelms Mutavore, and kills the Kaiju using its Anti-Kaiju missiles.[2]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Uprising War

A digital recreation of Leatherback, Mutavore, and Slattern.

Following the reemergence of the Kaiju, the Precursors send an invasion force of Kaiju to Australia through multiple Breaches.

During the Uprising War, multiple breeds of Mutavore, Leatherback, and Slattern, come to blows with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps' Jaeger Fleet.[3]

When the Kaiju Boy goes missing, Atlas Destroyer pilots Taylor and Hayley Travis discover the skeletal remains of Mutavore and the other Kaiju in a boneyard scattered among the remains of destroyed Jeagers.[3]



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  1. Joshua Griffin: "[...]December 27, 2024. Two days after Christmas. The season of goodwill to all men. Guess no one told the Kaiju."


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