Mutavore is a Category IV[2] Kaiju.


Mutavore has a hooked, sharp curve above on its plated and bony structure around its head and curving down from its chin in a crescent shape. Near the top of Mutavore's bladed crest is its mouth. Mutavore has three eyes on both sides of its head.[2]

In addition, the creature exhibits a bipedal structure containing two large arms ending in large claws, and two very small, almost insect-like appendages on its chest. Similar to its bladed head, Mutavore has huge, axe-shaped structures protruding from its back.[2]



Mutavore emerges from the Breach, December 27, 2024, two days after Christmas. The Category IV Kaiju presumably attacks the city Sydney, Australia, where it fights the Mark-3 Australian Jaeger, Vulcan Specter.[1] Mutavore tears Vulcan Specter apart, and leaves it in such a state that it is later discarded in a scrapyard in Santa Monica, California.[1]



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  1. Joshua Griffin: "[...]December 27, 2024. Two days after Christmas. The season of goodwill to all men. Guess no one told the Kaiju."


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