Obsidian Fury
Obsidian Fury Blueprint
Technical Information
Status Destroyed
Jaeger Specifications
Combat Specifications
Equipment Obsidian Chrome Shielding,
Proto-Tech Shell,
Signal Jammers
Op. System
Energy Core
Weapon(s) AKM Salvo-Launchers,
Particle Charger,
Dual Plasma Chainsaws,
Arm-Mounted Particle Gun,
Clawed Fingers
Body Language
Power Move(s)
Kaiju Killed
Out-of-Universe information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim: Uprising[1]
Appeared In (non-canon) Pacific Rim Uprising: The Junior Novel,
Pacific Rim Uprising: Official Novelization, Pacific Rim Breach Wars

Obsidian Fury is an unmanned Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid inadvertently created by Shao Industries.[1] Following the re-emergence of the Kaiju in 2035, the compromised drone attacks the Pan Pacific Defense Corps in an effort to push the Precursors' continued efforts to terraform the Earth.



The blueprint of the Jaeger Drones, Obsidian Fury is the very first drone created by Newton Geiszler, under the influence of the Precursors. Obsidian Fury was used by Newton as the standard model to mass produce other drones with the approval of Liwen Shao, who pioneered the technology as an alternative to pilot-controlled Jaegers constructed by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[1]

Pacific Rim: Uprising

During a Pan Pacific Defense Corps Council meeting that would decide whether or not Liwen Shao's drone program would be approved, Obsidian Fury emerges from the Sydney harbor and proceeds to attack the city. The drone is confronted by Mark-6 Jaeger, Gipsy Avenger and the two engage in a battle that wrecks a fair amount of the city.[1]

During the chaos of the battle, the helicopter ferrying Secretary-General Mako Mori, one of the key members who would provide the final word on the approval of the Drone Jaeger program, is hit by debris. Mako is killed in the attack despite Gipsy's attempts to grab the falling helicopter, and Obsidian Fury retreats from Sydney before it can be captured. Despite its efforts, information regarding its origins is delivered to the surviving PPDC personnel, who track the drone down using information Mako uncovered.[1]

Gipsy Avenger is deployed to Siberia, Russia where a Jaeger Production Facility exists, Mako having realized this was its origin point based on Obsidian Fury's power signature. In an effort to cover its tracks, Obsidian Fury destroys the production facility with a missile barrage and engages Gipsy Avenger in a battle on the ice, where it nearly bests the efforts of pilots Jake Pentecost and Nate Lambert. Gipsy manages to outsmart Obsidian Fury, and destroys it by ripping out its power core.[1]

Following its destruction, Jake and Nate discover the drone is being controlled by the secondary brain of a Kaiju. One of Gipsy Avenger's pilots, Amara Namani, observed that the wiring that kept the brain connected to the drone was created by Shao Industries. Obsidian Fury's two plasma infused chainsaws are later retrofitted onto Gipsy Avenger and wielded against the Mega-Kaiju.[1]


Obsidian Fury is one of several Jaeger drones with technology pioneered by Shao Industries and designed by a Precursor-controlled Newton Geiszler. A hybrid of Jaeger and Kaiju, Obsidian Fury is controlled by the hivemind used by the Precursors. Like the other drones intended to replace pilot-controlled Jaegers, Obsidian Fury was designed with no Conn-Pod.[1]

Behind its helm resides the secondary brain of a Kaiju, which is connected to the electronics of the drone. Obsidian Fury was built with shielding made of Obsidian Chrome. It was additionally armed with weaponry such as the AKM Salvo-Launchers, located on its shoulders, and twin chainsaws infused with plasma. Additionally, Obsidian Fury is armed with signal jammers located on its back, capable of disrupting basic transmissions and communications.[1] Other weaponry includes arm-mounted guns, spikes along its lower arms, a particle charger on its chest, and clawed fingers.[2]


  • Story details regarding Obsidian Fury were initially revealed in November 2017.[3][4]


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