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Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka prepare to assault the Breach.

Operation Pitfall[1][2] was a high-risk mission headed by Pan Pacific Defense Corps Marshal Stacker Pentecost with the intention of destroying the Breach with a thermonuclear warhead.[3]


Following the closure of the Jaeger Program by the United Nations, Stacker Pentecost attempted to appeal to the council members to attack the Breach with all the military power they had at their disposal.[3] Although the United Nations denied his request, Pentecost was prepared to follow through with his intentions without their assistance, as he did not need them to complete the mission.[3]

Using their connections back home, Russian Rangers Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovsky were able to procure a thermonuclear bomb for Pentecost to use in the mission. The bomb, with a yield equivalent to 1.2 megatons of TNT, would be attached to the back of the Australian Jaeger Striker Eureka. Striker Eureka's pilots, Chuck and Herc Hansen, were entrusted to deploy the bomb into the "throat" of the Breach in order to destroy it and the other three Jaegers - Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, and Gipsy Danger - were tasked with acting as a defensive perimeter against any incoming Kaiju attacks during the assault.[3]

Striker Eureka's self-destruction

When the Double Event occurred in Hong Kong, Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha were destroyed in battle by the two Kaiju Otachi and Leatherback. As a result, Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka were forced to proceed with the mission without any backup and found themselves facing off against three Kaiju - Scunner, Raiju and Slattern - at once. Although Gipsy Danger was able to kill Raiju and Striker Eureka was able to nearly amputate both of Slattern's front arms, both Jaegers took heavy damage in the process. Slattern was also able to disable Striker Eureka's release mechanism with its attacks, preventing the Jaeger from deploying the bomb manually.[3]

With no options left, Chuck and Pentecost self-detonated the bomb in an attempt to kill the final two Kaiju and give Raleigh and Mako, Gipsy Danger's pilots, a chance to enter the Breach using Raiju's carcass and self-detonate their Jaeger's nuclear reactor on the other side. Although the explosion killed Scunner, Slattern somehow survived with severe wounds, prompting Gipsy Danger to kill the Category V Kaiju with a point-blank blast from its nuclear vortex turbine and use its corpse to pass through the Breach instead.[3]

Upon arriving in the Anteverse, Raleigh manually armed Gipsy Danger's nuclear reactor to self-destruct and ejected both himself and Mako to safety via the Jaeger's escape pods. The resulting nuclear explosion closed the Breach, successfully completing the mission and finally ending the Kaiju War with humanity's victory.[3]