Jinhai is a cadet in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and the co-pilot of Bracer Phoenix.[2]


Early Life

Jinhai was born in Hong Kong,and spend most of his time at the PPDC family housing in the Hong Kong shatterdome.

Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Pacific Rim: Uprising


Jinhai is usually kind and enjoys his free time with his fellow cadets. However, he can be quite mischievous. He told Amara that he would teach her some Russian to calm Viktoriya down, but instead of teaching her useful phrases, he taught her how to say "Kiss my ass" in Russian. In the German version, it's "leck mein Arsch", or lick my ass. Other than that, he is very caring towards his fellow cadets and sees them as his family. He is also very loyal to those he cares about and takes his role as a cadet very seriously.


Known Inconsistencies


  • According to the credit listing for Wesley Wong, Jinhai's full name is "Ou-Yang Jinhai".


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