Pacific Rim: Training Day is a short fan film produced by Maker Studios, through its channel Polaris. Training Day is a official fan film used to promote Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. The film was made over the course of a month with fan participation and stars then-popular Lets Players from Polaris as Jaeger pilots in-training.


At the fenced-in Pan Pacific Defense Corps Training Facility near Palm Springs, California, the center stands three Jaegers: the Shameless Fox (Jesse Cox and Dodger), the Wolf Queen (HuskyStarcraft and CynicalBrit) and the Redflag Horowitz (Jon Jafari and Arin Hanson) The Redflag begins moving and crashes to the ground while the pilots inside attempt to learn to control it. The Lieutenant Commander, questions their potential as he begins their training.

Jesse Cox complains about the need to stand in order to pilot the Jaeger. The Commander informs the Jaegar recruits about high command's praise of their abilities, expressing his doubt. The Wolf Queen moves slowly towards the Redflag Horowitz, while the pilots boast about their ability to move. The Wolf Queen attempts to assist the Redflag Horowitz up, but falls to the ground itself. The Lt. Commander pauses them, encouraging the Jaegar pilots to meld their minds together in unity. The two Jaegers return to their feet with the Shameless Fox moving close to them.

The Lieutenant Commander informs them of the beginning of their combat training when a warning sounds of an approaching Kaiju, codenamed "Crabcat", nears their position. With the nearest strike team twenty minutes away, the Commander orders the Jaeger pilots to engage Crabcat, which goes undetected due to unique stealth powers it possesses, preventing PPDC from being able to respond earlier.

Crabcat charges at Redflag, followed by Wolf Queen attacking back. Wolf Queen moves to engage further but Crabcat stealth's away. Crabcat strikes the Wolf Queen in the back, almost causing it to collapse. Shameless Fox narrowly misses a direct hit to the head with Crabcat stealthing away before Redflag can land a hit. The three Jaegers move into a defensive formation.

Crabcat circles the Jaegers before engaging Redflag. The Redflag pilots activate their Wave laser, landing a direct hit to the chest of Crabcat. Crabcat's stealth powers flicker before it disappears again. The Lieutenant Commander encourages the pilots to work together, as it is the only way for them to defeat the Kaiju. The Redflag Horowitz begin firing a volley of laser pulses into the surrounding cliffs, the result of Jon getting overenthusiastic about their laser weapon.

Mistaking this for an actual strategy, the Commander gives the pilots the idea to fire in an arc in front of them, which reveals Crabcat. Husky enables the Wolf Queen's railgun, which the two pilots proceed to unload into Crabcat. Crabcat's chest is badly damaged, revealing the Kaiju's weak spot.

The Shameless Fox, having the only available weapon left, engages Crabcat with the intent to finish it off. The Shameless Fox strikes Crabcat in the face and blocks its attacks. The fight is finished with Shameless Fox thrusting its sword through the chest of Crabcat, piercing its heart. The Kaiju collapses onto the ground, slain.

The Wolf Queen informs the Commander of Crabcat's defeat, earning praise to the recruits for defeating the Kaiju. The pilots give each other high-fives, with the Jaegers bumping each of their arms together. The Lieutenant Commander, watching, calls the pilots "newbs" before walking off-screen.


Actor/Actress Character
Robert Kazinsky Lieutenant Commander
Guillermo del Toro Crabcat
Jesse Cox Shameless Fox Pilot
Dodger Shameless Fox Pilot
Mike "Huskystarcraft" Lamond Wolf Queen Pilot
John "Cynicalbrit" Bain Wolf Queen Pilot
Arin Hanson Redflag Horowitz Pilot
Jon Jafari Redflag Horowitz Pilot
Billy Bussey (Stunt Actor)
Surawit Sae Kang (Stunt Actor)
Yoshua Sudarso (Stunt Actor)
Johnny Yang (Stunt Actor)


Training Day was produced with the permission and involvement of Warner Brothers Studios, Legendary Entertainment and Guillermo del Toro. The video shows six new Pan Pacific Defense Corps recruits, referred to as cadets, learning how to pilot Jaegers when they must defeat a unique Kaiju in their first experience in the Jaegers.  The video features YouTuber users Mike Lamond, John Bain, Brooke Leigh Lawson, Jesse Cox, Jon Jafari and Arin Hanson as Jaeger Pilots.

The video is notable for having direct fan input through a poll put on by each cast member prior to filming. Fans got to directly choose which weapon each Jaeger was able to utilize during the fight scene of the video.

The cast also posted many Behind The Scenes videos, detailing production of the costumes and video while also promoting it before it's release. The video had over one million views at the time of its release in July 2013.


  • Guillermo del Toro's appearance in Training Day is a cameo.
  • The "Lieutenant Commander" of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. is portrayed by Robert Kazinsky. Kazinsky portrayed Australian Jaeger pilot Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim.
  • This marks the first time that Jon Jafari and Arin Hanson have been on-screen together since Jon's departure from Game Grumps.
  • The video was produced while Polaris was still branded as "The Game Station". The video was later uploaded to both channels during the transition from the "The Game Station" to "Polaris". The announcement of the video was done prior to the announcement of the brand change.
  • The film utilizes music from the soundtrack of Pacific Rim.




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