Pacific Rim Uprising: The PPDC Jaeger Pilot Handbook was a in-universe reference guide for events pertaining to Pacific Rim Uprising. The PPDC Jaeger Pilot Handbook, written by Abbie Bernstein, was pending a March 27, 2018 release[1], but was later cancelled by Titan Books.[2]

Official Description

"Ten years after cancelling the apocalypse, the PPDC is training the next generation of Jaeger pilots. This is the handbook given to each hopeful who joins the cause, a manual to Jaeger piloting and Kaiju fighting. With insights into the history of the Jaeger program and in-depth analysis of the new Mark VI Jaegers written by officials within the PPDC, it is a unique insight into the mind of the heroic pilots who carry humanity's fate on their shoulders."
—Press Release[1]


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