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Tamashii Nation's Roboto Spirits line for Pacific Rim: Uprising.

The Pacific Rim: Uprising action figures produced by Tamashii Nations, and Diamond Select Toys, are a series of highly detailed and articulated figures based on the Jaegers and Kaiju from the 2018 film Pacific Rim Uprising.


After NECA's announced the end of their action figure line for Paific Rim[1][2], Tamashii Nations revealed their upcoming series for Pacific Rim Uprising.[3]

In association with Bluefin Distribution and Bandai, Tamashii would release figures high in articulation using die-cast, resin, and plastic model casting.[4] Diamond Select Toys[5] and Tri-Force also produced figures and scale replicas among other specialty items.[6]

Cancelled Series

Of Tamashii's line-up, the Robot Spirits and Soul of Chogokin series saw multiple planned figures fail to make it to market. Their Soul of Chogokin series initially included Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka, and Crimson Typhoon.[7] Tamashii Nation's 2018 Comic-Con booth included a Robot Spirits "Side Jaeger" series that featured two Drone Jaeger figures.[8]

Tamashii Nations

Robot Spirits

Robot Spirits Side Jaeger

Sofvi Spirits

Soul of Chogokin

Bandai Hobby HG

Gashapon Keychains

Diamond Select Toys

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

TRU Series 1

D-Formz Series

Other Releases

Herocross Super Deformed Series

At present the legitimacy of the Herocross figures (released in 2018) is uncertain. They're only available through eBay sellers at inflated prices.

Insight Editions

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  1. (Figure was never released. Most likely cancelled)


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