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Subpages are a structural template used on specific Pacific Rim Wiki articles. It reflects the wiki's standards, and is intended to help editors to produce articles with language, layout, and formatting that are consistent, clear, and precise.


Over the years subpages were implemented on the Pacific Rim Wiki in order to separate information that was still considered viable, but was not canon (example: Pacific Rim video games, certain information provided in the novels, or cameo appearances on television) or contradicted information provided by the film Pacific Rim or other external media.

In other cases, subpages have been used for organization purposes (see: Pacific Rim (film), and Pacific Rim: Uprising) to help the speed of a page loading. There are four tiers of subpaages:

  • Tab - The central tab template used for film articles (as mentioned above).
  • Article Tab - The standard tab (used purely for Pacific Rim articles with no connection to the sequel) that requires information be separated from the main article.
  • Pacific Rim Tab - The tab template for Pacific Rim articles relating to Pacific Rim: Uprising.
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising Tab - The primary template for articles focusing purely on Uprising information that requires separation from the main article.

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