I feel it would be prudent to make a new addition regarding the issue of necroposting in regard to this policy, in the vain hope that anybody who actually reads these things will pick up on it. Something along the lines of:

ANY forum or blog that has remained unchanged, that is to say, has had no edits made to it, or had replies posted, for a certain amount of time is considered Dead and may no longer be replied to, as doing so is often inconvenient for others, given posting on Dead forums still notifies them, and could potentially cause a backlog.

In the interest of preventing this, it is required, should you wish to continue the discussion of a Dead forum, that you create a new forum in which you may summarize the topic discussed in the original thread and your own opinion on said subject.

That way, no users recieve unwanted messages and a new forum is more likely to recieve attention over a revived one.

By a certain amount of days, the usual default is 30, but that falls to the decision of the administrative party.

Best wishes from your's truly

The Harbinger of Order 11:02, May 19, 2017 (UTC)

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