Pan Pacific Defense Corps Dossiers are excerpts that provide backstory and information on events that take place within the universe of Pacific Rim, acting as a sort of text log or datalog. As with all transmedia, conflicts and discrepancies in the canon may arise as a result of production oversight and use of outdated information.

  • Defense Corps Memos: - Memos cover the current status of PPDC operations and Shatterdomes.
  • Combat Asset Dossier - Combat Dossiers cover the deployment of Jaegers and their pilots.
  • Personnel Dossier - Personnel Dossiers provide psych evaluations and personal history of select PPDC Personnel or otherwise noted.
  • Research Report - Research Reports provide vital information on the Kaiju and the technical aspects of the Jaegers by the K-Science Officers
  • Editorials: - Editorials cover the personal opinions and archives of the individuals involved in the Kaiju War and its affect on the populace.

List of Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Memos

List of Combat Asset Dossiers

List of Personnel Dossier

List of Research Reports

List of Editorials