Pena is an associate of Mech Czar.[1]


On March 3, 2034, Pena, Verma, Dwayne and Hawk arrive at the walls of a sealed scrapyard. Pena reminds his team to put on their HAZMAT suits as Verma is handing them out. When Dwayne asks whether they should wait for Joshua Griffin to arrive, and Pena angrily replies that they don’t need Griffin.[1]

Griffin arrives at the scrapyard moments later, and assures the group that he would never leave Pena in charge. After Dwayne burns a makeshift door into the sealed wall, Pena and others enter the scrapyard. Venturing deeper inside, Pena reveals the map, presumably given to them by Czar, when Griffin asks about it. Griffin warns them to look out for droids that may be watching out for them, and while Pena mocks him, Dwayne tries to defend Griffin.[1]

As Pena declares that Griffin doesn’t know what he’s talking about, a noise distracts him and Dwayne. Their group is fired upon by Giovanni Capello’s men. Pena and the others scatter, defending themselves as Griffin fails to draw them away from danger. Pena climbs to an elevated spot in the scrapyard and wonders why they don’t have weapons like Capello’s men. Pena is ambushed by one of Capello’s men, who knocks him out using specialized brass knuckles.[1]


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