Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Hannibal Chau
Chapter: Chapter 17, Page 181
Marshal Pentecost Eyes Only

Unofficial, Relocated from PPDC Contractor Registry

Name: Hannibal Chau [alias]; birth name unknown
Assigned Team: n/a
Date of Active Service: n/a
Current Service Status: n/a

Unknown. Believed to be American by birth but current citizenship unknown. Resident of Hong Kong. Previous places of residence unknown. Family status unknown.

Black marketeer. Previously involved in smuggling of exotic animal parts, possibly drugs and weapons. Known associate of organized crime figures throughout Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe.

Previously contracted through official PPDC channels to assist in recovery of organic materials from fallen kaiju. As of 2021, previous contracting arrangement no longer active. Current arrangement sub rosa, not to be disclosed to any administrative entity. Chau now investing in Jaeger program in return for specified rights to kaiju remains. Provides specimen material for Kaiju Science analysis. Chau’s fieldwork, criminal though it may be, has made a number of Kaiju Science advances possible. Because he is unscrupulous, he is also innovative. Consider opening direct channels between Kaiju Science and Chau. Gottlieb will resist; Geiszler certain to pursue the opportunity if it arises.

Contact protocols strictly observed. Works from a pharmacy storefront at the edge of the Kowtoon Boneslum. Present kaiju glyph as passcode.

Notable for the flamboyance of his dress and personal appearance, as well as a scar on the left side of his face.

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