Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Hermann Gottlieb
Chapter: Chapter 6, Page 78
Name: Hermann Gottlieb, PhD
Assigned Team: Kaiju Science, ID S-HGOT_471.20-V
Date of Active Service: May 28, 2015
Current Service Status: Active; based Hong Kong Shatterdome

Born Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, June 9 1989. Married to Vanessa. First child due April 2025. Third of four children; older brother Dietrich and sister Karla, younger brother Bastien. Parents scientists. Father, Dr. Lars Gottlieb, participated in Jaeger Project [q.v.] and is now overseeing Pacific Perimeter Program of Wall construction and civil defense infrastructure improvement. Displayed early aptitude for abstract mathematics, completed studies at TU Berlin in engineering and applied sciences. Wrote programming code for first-generation Jaeger operating systems. Has constructed highly accurate models predicting frequency of kaiju attacks. Also responsible for advances in understanding the physics and structure of the Breach itself. Refer Operation Pitfall dossier [highly classified]. Psych evaluation reveals fundamental need to create distance between self and any problem, using data and mathematics as buffer. Obsessive neatness of person and workspace also reveals the impulse to maintain controlling distance. Currently estranged from father due to differences of opinion about value of Jaeger project as opposed to Pacific Perimeter Program.

Inveterate filer of complaints, primarily against Kaiju Science colleague Dr. Newton Geiszler [q.v.]. PPDC psychological staff recommends accepting but not acting on these complaints.

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