Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Mako Mori
Chapter: Chapter 15, Page 163
Name: Mako Mori
Assigned Team: Rangers, R-MMAK_204.19-V
Date of Active Service: March 4, 2020
Current Service Status: Active, based Hong Kong Shatterdome

Born April 23, 2003. Father Masao Mori, swordmaker. Mother Sumako Mori. Only child. Grew up in Tanegashima in a small village. First trip to Tokyo, when her father required treatment for cancer, coincided with attack of kaiju Onibaba, in which both of her parents died. She was close witness to the end of the battle between Onibaba and Coyote Tango.

Mori was orphaned and Coyote Tango’s pilot, Stacker Pentecost, took an interest in her. Pentecost adopted Mori and saw her put through school. He is ambivalent about her choice to join the Jaeger program, acknowledging her mechanical and engineering skills but concerned that her psychological scars will destabilize any neural handshake she might enter.

Mori is emotionally invested in becoming a pilot—she wishes to avenge her parents and prove her worth due to the common assumption that she is favored by Pentecost. She feels burdened by these motivations, and frustrated because her only path toward redeeming herself is via a combat role in Gipsy Danger.

PPDC psychological staff suggest that while Pentecost may be correct about Mori’s emotional fragility, her skill set suits her to a Conn-Pod more than a repair bay. As always, however, psychological staff’s role in Jaeger assignments is advisory only.

Mori has been the technical lead on the Mark III Restoration Project that has restored G***y Danger to combat readiness.

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