Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Newton Geiszler
Chapter: Chapter 8, Page 98
Name: Newton Geiszler, PhD
Assigned Team: Kaiju Science, ID S-NGEI_100.11-Y
Date of Active Service: August 7, 2016
Current Service Status: Active, based Hong Kong Shatterdome

Born Berlin January 19, 1990. Only child. Parents musicians. Strongly influenced by uncle, musical engineer, who taught Geiszler the basics of electronics; also avid consumer of manga and monster movies. Combination of these influences and genius level intellect led Geiszler voracious interest in all sciences. Second youngest student admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Received six doctorates by 2015, taught MIT 2010-2016, pioneered research in artificial tissue replication. Joined PDDC 2016. Psychological profile indicates profound ambivalence toward kaiju resulting from conflict between childhood adoration of monsters and contemporary observation of kaiju attacks. Borderline manic personality, poor social skills. Has performed critical research leading to upgraded Jaeger armaments.

Unorthodox approach to causes chain-of-command issues; these are to be handled lightly due to Geiszler’s outstanding record of research and reverse engineering Anteverse biotechnologies. Service file contains written complaints from Kaiju Science colleague Dr. Hermann Gottlieb regarding Geiszler’s laboratory procedures, personal demeanor, taste in music, and other minor issues. Complaints deemed nonessential. No action is to be taken.

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