Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Stacker Pentecost
Chapter: Chapter 28, Page 281
Name: [Marshall] Stacker Pentecost
Assigned Team: Jaeger Program. ID M-MPEN_970.89-Q
Date of Active Service: March 2, 2015
Current Service Status: Active; deployed Hong Kong Shatterdome

Born December 30, 1985, Tottenham, England. Parents Obadel, laborer, and Viviane, club performer. Family loosely involved with organized crime. Father died 1995 of wounds suffered in knife fight with nightclub owner. Stacker, then 12 burned club down and attacked father’s killer. Sent to military school, realized suitability for military service. Entered Royal Air Force, completed pilot training at Leuchars, continued education in Avionics and Network/Cyber-Facing Defense and Warfare. Deployed to Germany to oversee development of neural bridge controls and ideomotor reflex interface matrices, in liaison with Jaeger Project. Deployed to Sydney to observe construction of first Mark I Jaegers. Given command of Coyote Tango, deployed to Kyoto to oversee final assembly. Active Jaeger service 2015-16, moved to command role after Onibaba engagement at personal request of PPDC Secretary General Dustin Krieger. Previously commanded Lima and Anchorage Shatterdomes before current assignment to Hong Kong. Instrumental creation of current Kwoon training and assessment program as well as several other now-standard Ranger training modules.

Otherwise exemplary service record marred only by reprimands for questionable judgment in the matter of adoption of Mako Mori [current Ranger, dossier available. q.v.]. Medical staff suggest Pentecost’s long-term use of Metharocin, post absorption of high doses of radiation from insufficiently shielded reactors in Coyote Tango, are damaging his circulatory system. Command fitness and readiness should be monitored and successor designated on a High Command level.

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