Puma Real
Technical Information
Launched 2016[1]
Mark Mark-2[2]
Status Destroyed[3]
Origin Panama[2]
Jaeger Specifications
Combat Specifications
Op. System
Energy Core
Body Language
Power Move(s)
Kaiju Killed
Out-of-Universe information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim Uprising: Ascension
Appeared In (non-canon) Pacific Rim Breach Wars

Puma Real is a Panamanian Mark-2 Jaeger.[2]



Ceptid Attack

Pulma Real is sent out on a mission alongside Diablo Intercept, and Romeo Blue against the Kaiju Ceptid in Guayaquil, Ecuador.[2] Puma Real positions itself to flank Ceptid from the South, Romeo Blue is set up offshore, and Diablo Intercept moved from the North.[2]

Despite the efforts of the Jaeger team, they are unable to prevent Ceptid from reaching the city of Guayaquil, where it "self-detonated", killing twenty thousand of the city's populace, and mortally wounding fifteen thousand others, who would die slowly from exposure to Ceptid's toxic gas.[2]

Simulated Test

As a part of their academy training, Ou-Yang Jinhai, and Viktoriya Malikova were assigned to the simulated version of Puma Real in the battle against Ceptid, while Renata and Ilya are assigned Diablo Intercept, and Meilin Gao and Tahima Shaheen in Romeo Blue.[2]

Renata, who informs their team the outcome of the original battle, suggests they use ranged attacks to keep Ceptid's simulation from reaching the city. Jinhai and Vik fire off a volley of missiles alongside Diablo Intercept. When Romeo Blue attempted to prevent it from reaching the shore, Ceptid uses its speed to outmaneuver. Vik and Jinhai attempt to reach Captid in time, but it releases its toxic gas, damaging their sensors and ending the simulation.[2]


Puma Real is a lithely designed Mark-2, following a set design template for Mark-2 Jaegers. It was armed with missile launcher that could fire eight missiles, early versions of the Anti-Kaiju missiles used by Striker Eureka. Armed with retractable arms, the two retractable claws on both arms, Puma Real can rotate its waist an entire 360 degrees.[note 1][2]



  1. "He and Vik were in Puma Real, a Mark-2 Panamanian Jeager, as lithe and nimble as any Mark-2 ever built, a little less armored than some. She had eight missiles mounted on her shoulders, earlier versions of the anti-Kaiju rockets Striker Eureka had carried. Her torso could rotate three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees, and she had retractable claws on the ends of her arms."


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