Reckoner is a Kaiju that attacks Hong Kong in 2016.[1]


The Blackout Knockout

Reckoner emerges from the Breach, and attacks the waterfront of a nearby power plant in Hong Kong city. The Mark-1 Jaegers, Cherno Alpha and Horizon Brave are deployed to stop it from entering the city further.[1]

During the fight, Reckoner is able to incapacitate Cherno Alpha, leaving Horizon Brave to fight alone. Reckoner is killed by Horizon Brave when the Jaeger throws the Kaiju into a nearby power planet. The battle is later named "The Blackout Knockout".[1]


The corpse of Reckoner is left in the city, and scavenged by Kaiju organ Harvesters. Eventually, a slum is built around its skeletal remains, and its head is converted into a temple for worshipers of the Kaiju.[2]



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