Rippers[1] are Kaiju hybrids with the ability to manipulate Kaiju DNA.


Rippers are gray-skinned, quadrupedal hybrid Kaiju. Their skeletal frame is visible beneath their skin and their back is barbed with protruding bone from their spine and tail. Bone protrudes from each side its of leg. Rippers are designed to "stitch together" the bodies of Kaiju manufactured by the Precursors.[1]

Rippers claw into the skin and bones of the Kaiju, forcing them together in such a way that their DNA can combine to create an entirely new Kaiju. Rippers have six tentacles allowing them to move very quickly across the ground. In addition to their tentacles, they are equipped with lasers that they can use to cut apart the Kaiju and reconnect them together.[1]



Rippers were built in the automated warehouses owned by Shao Industries' MegaTokyo branch in Japan. Newton presumably created and built them in tandem with Obsidian Fury and the construction of Liwen Shao's Drone Jaegers.[2]

Pacific Rim: Uprising

When it appears that the Category IV and Category V Kaiju, Shrikethorn, Hakuja and Raijin, are losing the battle against the four Jaegers ---- Saber Athena, Gipsy Avenger, Guardian Bravo, and Bracer Phoenix --- Newton Geiszler activates the Rippers.[2]

The Rippers move through the streets of MegaTokyo and converge toward the Kaiju. Crawling across the skin of the Kaiju, the Rippers pull their bodies together, incorporating themselves into the creation of the Mega-Kaiju.[2]


  • Rippers were originally designed to resemble a swarm of insects.[1]


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