This article is about canine Kaiju in The Black. You may be looking for the Rippers from Uprising.

Rippers[note 1] are a breed of Kaiju of an undetermined Category.


Rippers are quadruped and resemble dogs in their outward appearance. The Kaiju are deep blue with gray pigment on their neck, maw, and hindlimbs. They have six eyes, three on each side, pointed ear-like structures on their heads, and a long tail.

On some, there are long tendrils on their abdomens that appear to act like antennae. Their bioluminescent blood is visible through exposed veins on their skin, and through the eyes and mouth.[1]

Rippers are scavengers, feeding off of whatever lives in their territory. Communal animals, they hunt in packs or pairs, and working in coordinated patterns to corner and kill their prey. The Rippers also appear able to cooperate with humans.[2] Long and thin, the Rippers can leap and run great distances, making escape difficult for their targets. Rippers are vulnerable to larger species of Kaiju, such as Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrids like Apex.[1]


Pacific Rim: The Black

Return to Meridian City

When Taylor and Hayley Travis enter Meridian City, the two are tracked by a pair of Rippers. They surround them in the fogbound streets, attempting to confuse them with their numbers. Revealing themselves forces the Travis siblings to hide in an abandoned warehouse, which the Rippers breach immediately.[1]

Taylor and Hayley separate, splitting the Kaiju up. Hayley is able to get outside, drawing her pursuer out into the open. The Ripper follows her scent towards a car she's hiding behind but is scared away by the sound of Apex roaring somewhere in the city.[1]

The Ripper chasing Taylor forces him out of the warehouse, pushing him through a window in a failed attempt to grab him. It follows the siblings to a decimated bridge and attempts to catch them as they struggle across. It leaps at them at the last second, and is grabbed and eaten by Apex.[1]

Another pair hunting around the PPDC Recruitment Center overhear the Travis siblings attempting to free the Kaiju Boy from his tank. One of the Rippers make it to the basement and prevents Taylor from closing a reinforced door with its snout. The Rippers pursue the siblings out of the building. Hayley's cries for help draws the attention of Apex, who attacks the pack, knocking one aside and eating the other.[1]

Clayton City

A pack of Rippers traveling with the Sisters of the Kaiju observe the Travis siblings and the Kaiju Boy from the rooftops of Clayton City. The siblings remain ignorant of their presence, even after Atlas Destroyer's battle with Copperhead, and the transformation of the boy, a Human-Kaiju Hybrid.[2]



  1. Shane: You never lived in Meridian. The place is crawling with Rippers.


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