Romeo Blue
Romeo Final Concept
Technical Information
Launched December 15, 2015[1]
Mark Mark-1[2]
Status Destroyed[1][3]
Origin United States of America
Jaeger Specifications
Height 255 ft (77.72m)
Weight 7,775 tons
Speed 2[4]
Strength 7[4]
Armor 6[4]
Combat Specifications
Op. System Trans-Tao 3 Series[4]
Energy Core Crocus ultima ("The Plutonic Furnace")[4]
Weapon(s) Gatling Chest[4][1]
Body Language
Power Move(s) Tracheal Break[4]
Pilots Bruce Gage (Deceased)[5]
Trevin Gage (Deceased[5]
Kaiju Killed 2[4]
Out-of-Universe information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim (cameo),
Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization (mentioned)
Appeared In (non-canon) Pacific Rim: The Video Game

Romeo Blue is a Mark-1 American Jaeger. It is the second Mark-1 launched in the United States after Brawler Yukon.[2]


During the early years of the Kaiju War, Romeo Blue becomes the second Jaeger to be deployed in combat when the Kaiju Hardship makes landfall after dark in an undisclosed city. At some point during the battle, the Kaiju grapples closely with the Jaeger in an attempt to tear off its Conn-Pod.

However, Romeo Blue is ultimately able to overpower Hardship, utilising a chunk of beltway bridge as a melee weapon and consequently earning its first Kaiju kill.[6][7] Shortly thereafter a parade is orchestrated in celebration of this victory, which is broadcast around the world.[8]

During the year 2020, Romeo Blue is deployed to prevent the Category III Kaiju, Knifehead, from crossing the ten mile point in Anchorage. When the Kaiju evades detection, Gipsy Danger is deployed from the Anchorage Shatterdome to defend the Miracle Mile.[9]

Later, Romeo Blue was deployed in Seattle to prevent a Kaiju from destroying the city. The Jaeger is destroyed when the Kaiju tears off its arm and smashes through the Conn-Pod, killing the pilots in the process. The remains of the destroyed Jaeger were then placed in the Jaeger Graveyard at Oblivion Bay.


Like most Mark-1 Jaegers, Romeo Blue is powered by a nuclear reactor. Its armament is primarily long range; including a Gatling Chest which allows Romeo Blue to attack a Kaiju from a distance.[1] "Tracheal Break" is one of its signature moves.[1] Romeo Blue is one of the slowest Jaegers ever made because of its immense weight, having one fifth of the speed of Striker Eureka.

Romeo Blue has a wide body and two small fins at the back that are similar to the T-16 Angel Wings on Striker Eureka. Its head is small and bears a crest at the top. The visor is thin and is symmetrical on either side of the head. Its hands are rounded with short fingers, relatively similar to Crimson Typhoon. The lower torso of Romeo Blue is quite thin before it gets wider for the hips and legs. A large and distinctive vertical fin-like structure protrudes from the center of the Jaeger's chest and was designed to protect the Conn-Pod from attack.[10]

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Romeo Blue, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Hardship Unknown Unknown Solo



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