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Ryoichi Hatayama is a cadet in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He is the co-pilot of Saber Athena.


Early Life

Ryoichi Hatayama is a resident of Japan, and the son of an Interpol officer.[1] During the Kaiju War, Ryoichi came face-to-face with a Kaiju and lived to tell the tale.[6]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Ryoichi decides to pursue his dream to become a Jaeger pilot[6] and joins the restructured Pan Pacific Defense Corps late summer.[7]


Sabotage of Chronos Berserker

Ryoichi arrives at the Moyulan Shatterdome with cadets Renata, Ou-Yang Jinhai, and Suresh Khuran in time for orientation under the supervision of Nathan Lambert and Joseph Burke.

When graduating cadets Braga and Vu's simulated test run in the Mark-5 Jaeger, Chronos Berserker ends with Braga's death, Ryoichi and the others are kept in the dark as to what happened. However, they rightly deduce that the Jaeger was sabotaged by someone who entered the Conn-Pod before the test began.[8]

They begin to meet in secret and attempt to figure out for themselves who among them is responsible for the incident. Though none of them believe they are responsible for what happened, Ryoichi tells the others that its possible that one of them is responsible, but are unaware of their actions. He extrapolates further, saying his father knew of individuals in the criminal underworld that could manipulate minds using Pons technology to plant suggestions in their minds that they would forget about.[1]

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Ryoichi is reading comic books in the cadet barracks when Lambert arrives with Jake Pentecost and Amara Namani. Spotting him first, Ryoichi alerts the others, and they move to stand at attention. Lambert informs Ryoichi and the others that Jake would be helping him continue their training and that Amara was a late arrival.[5]

Later, Ryoichi and Jinhai try to break up a fight between Amara and Viktoriya Malikova, who took issue with the fact that Amara was allowed into the academy without facing the obstacles she or the others had to endure. Ryoichi is one of several personnel at the Moyulan Shatterdome that attempt to escape chaos created by the drone hybrid attack. When Shao Industries head Liwen Shao is able to disable the drone hybrids with a feedback loop, Ryoichi helps the others restore the surviving Jaegers to full functionality.[5]

When the cadets mobilize and head for MegaTokyo to stop the Kaiju Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn, Ryoichi is partnered with Renata in Saber Athena. The two take on Hakuja, using Saber Athena's Ionic Twinblades to slice through Hakuja's right shoulder and knock the Kaiju back when it retaliates. Ryoichi and Renata spot Shrikethorn coming up behind them and are too late to prevent its barbs from disarming Saber Athena. They call for help and Ilya and Suresh come to their rescue, pulling Shrikethorn away from them.[5]

When the three Kaiju are fused together to create a stronger Kaiju, Ryoichi and Renata attempt to disable the Mega-Kaiju by cutting through its secondary brains. The Mega-Kaiju, however, is able to cut Saber Athena legs out from under its body before tossing it aside. Despite the damage done, Ryoichi and Renata are able to escape the Jaeger and go to help Ilya out of remains of Guardian Bravo.[5]


  • Ryoichi is one of two characters whose name was revealed with the announcement of his actor. The other is Ilya.
  • According to his character poster, Ryoichi is skilled in "multiple martial arts".[6]
  • According to Pacific Rim Uprising: Ascension, Ryoichi is "quiet".[1]


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