Safe Zone Report (Raleigh's Room)

L. Taylor speaks to the public about the Mutavore incident.

"Safe zones? For the rich and powerful? What about the rest of us?"
TV Reporter[1]

Safe Zones were designated safe havens or sanctuaries meant to protect the populace from the Kaiju.


With the Jaeger Program decommissioned, following the redirection of funding towards the Anti-Kaiju Wall, representatives of the United Nations established new safe havens for what many believed would be the general populace, further inland and away from the coastal cities of the Pacific Rim.[1]

Following the attack of the Category IV Kaiju, Mutavore, and the failure of the Anti-Kaiju Wall, American United Nations representative L. Taylor attempted to quell the panicking and rioting public. He maintained faith in the the wall's efficiency, and reported that civilians were being moved to Safe Zones and away from the coastlines.[1]

When a television reporter insinuated that the safe zones were only being used to save the "rich and powerful" and demanded to know what planned to be done for the rest of the people, Taylor evaded the question.[1]


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