The crew of the Saltchuck watch as Knifehead rises from the water.

The Saltchuck is a civilian fishing vessel operating out of Anchorage, Alaska.[1][2]


February 29, 2020, the crew of the Saltchuck was caught in a storm brewing over Anchorage. At the mercy of the turbulent seas, the Saltchuck’s crew was seeking a place to put in and take shelter from the storm.[2][1]

Unaware of Knifehead’s approach, the crew mistook the Category III Kaiju for an island. They realized too late what it was when they noticed that the '“island”' was fast approaching them instead of vice versa.

When Knifehead emerged from the sea, the creature spotted the Saltchuck and prepared to attack it. However, the timely arrival of the Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, prevented it from doing so. Gipsy Danger removed the boat from immediate danger and engaged the Kaiju. The crew of the Saltchuck watched on and were nearly crushed by Gipsy Danger’s severed left arm after Knifehead recovered from Gipsy’s Plasmacaster attack.

After the damaged Jaeger killed the Kaiju, the surviving pilot, Raleigh Becket, overheard radio chatter from a morning radio show that informed him of the Saltchuck’s survival.[2][1]

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