San Francisco is a city in Northern California and the site of the First Kaiju attack at the hands of Trespasser.


On August 10, 2013[3], the city experienced what was thought to be an 7.1 earthquake, but later discovered the nature of the seismic activity was a massive creature of a then unknown origin.[1]

The creature emerged from the San Francisco Bay and destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge, then rampaged through San Francisco, cutting a 3 mile wide path of destruction.

Scrambling to respond the United States and British military began to bombard the creature with heavy artillery on ground and with jets in the air. In spite of this, Trespasser killed tens of thousands as it cut through the city and made its way toward the neighboring cities of Sacramento and Oakland[4].

On August 15, after six days of battle across 35 miles, the military finally resorted to using nuclear weapons to kill the creature. It took 3 of these nuclear missiles to finally kill the giant beast. The aftermath of the creature's attack and subsequent death left the cities in a state of devastation.[1]




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