Scott Hansen
Biographical Information
Name Scott Hansen
Born Sydney, Australia
Cause of Death
Citizenship Australian

Hercules Hansen (brother),
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Charles Hansen (nephew, deceased),
Angela Hansen (sister-in-law, deceased)[1],
Donovan Hansen (father)[1],
Tess Hansen (mother)[1]

Physical Description
Career Information
Academy 2015[2]
Occupation Jaeger Pilot(formerly)
Rank PPDC Ranger(formerly)
Ranger No.
Strike Group Sydney Shatterdome
Deployment Unknown
Affiliations Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Jaegers piloted Lucky Seven
Partners Hercules Hansen
C.O. Unknown
Series information
Appeared In (canon)
Appeared In (non-canon)
Voice Actor(s)

Scott Hansen[3][1] is the younger brother of Hercules Hansen. He was a Ranger of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps before he was dismissed from the program for misconduct.


Early Life

Scott and his older brother Herc are born in Sydney, Australia to parents Donovan and Tess Hansen.[1] Unlike his brother, Herc, Scott takes no responsibility for his actions or behavior. He is irresponsible to the point of complication and a serial womanizer.[3]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps

After the Kaiju Scissure attacks Sydney, Scott and Herc enlist in the Jaeger Academy. Drift compatible, they are among the first generation of Rangers and are later assigned to Lucky Seven.[4] The two are deployed in Hong Kong, China where they combat a Kaiju emerging from the Breach in Victoria Harbour. They kill the Kaiju before it can enter the city. [1]

Dismissal from The Corps

The rise to stardom for Jaeger pilots during the Jaeger Program's golden age compound Scott's problematic qualities.[3] During his tenure as Herc's co-pilot, Scott became involved in a situation that infringed on the code of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Herc catches a glimpse of this situation while they're connected in a combat situation. The nature of his brother's situation is enough to unsettle Herc and their Jaeger is almost destroyed. Herc later reports Scott to the Defense Corps higher ups. The Hansen brothers part ways. Scott is dismissed from the Jaeger Program as Striker Eureka is deployed for active duty.[3]

Known Inconsistencies

  • According to Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters, Herc's only next of kin is Chuck, suggesting his immediate family may have died or been killed during the Kaiju War.[2] Herc's dossier in the novelization lists his parents (Tess and Donovan) and brother (Scott) as his and Chuck's their next of kin.[1]
  • According to Travis Beacham, Scott piloted with Herc during the Kaiju attack in Manila on December 16, 2019, contradicting his earlier assertion that he was dismissed from the Jaeger Program as Striker Eureka was deployed.[5][3]
  • According to the Novelization, Striker Eureka was the Jaeger Herc piloted in Manila. However, Travis Beacham states it was Lucky Seven.[6][4]


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