Base 29, also known as Shadow Basin was a PPDC base located in Australia.


Little is known of it's function. The presence of the training Jaeger Atlas Destroyer implies that it was possibly a training facility. What little buildings remain are used as shelters by its inhabitants, and the fields are used for growing crops.


Operation Blackout

As part of Operation Blackout, the majority of Shadow Basin was destroyed preceding the PPDC's retreat from Australia. Jaeger pilots Ford and Brina Travis took a bus of survivors to shelter there, believing it to still be intact. Despite their surprise at it's destruction, they left the survivors there to live in refuge.

Settlement and Destruction

In the five years following Operation Blackout, Shadow Basin was utilized by it's inhabitants as a source of food and shelter. An intact portion of the base, including the hanger for Atlas Destroyer was inadvertently discovered by the Travis siblings. An accidentally activated training program alerted the base's presence to the nearby Kaiju, Copperhead, who proceeded to smash its way through the base. After the siblings had subdued the Kaiju, little more than rocks and rubble covered what was once Shadow Basin.

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