Shao Industries is a corporation that was founded by Liwen Shao.


Shao Industries was presumably established following the end of the Kaiju Wars in 2025. Shao Industries provided cutting-edge technology to the likes of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, supplying the latter with state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment along with innovative mechanical designs for optimal performance and efficiency, in the years following the reconstruction of the organisation. Shao Industries became a major corporate conglomerate as a result of Liwen Shao's political, technological, and business savvy.[1]

Shao Industries is highly automated, machines likely handling major tasks and responsibilities more so than humans. Most employed by Shao Industries appear subordiante to Liwen and Newton Geiszler, her assistant.[1]

When the recruitment of cadets began, Liwen Shao pioneered technology that would allow Jaegers to be piloted without the necessity of a pilot entering a Conn-Pod. She was motivated to preserve the life of Rangers, and believed the life of Marshal Stacker Pentecost could've been saved if her technology existed at that time.[2][1]

Around this time, Newton Geiszler departed from the PPDC and joined the private sector. Liwen hired Newton for his experience and experience gained from the PPDC during the Kaiju Wars. Newton later became instrumental in the mass production of her Drone Jaeger program.[1]

Shao Industries was used as a platform by the Precursors to amass a hybridized army in order to reopen the Breach to let the Kaiju return and terraform the Earth. When Liwen discovered Newton's deception, she used her company resources to aid the surviving Jaegers in the fight against the Kaiju, Shrikethorn, Hakuja, and Raijin.[1]


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