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Shaolin Rogue is a Mark-3 Chinese Jaeger.


Early Combat History

Launched in 2017[2], Shaolin Rogue was operational for seven years. Prior to the assignment of the Ou-Yangs, Ming-Hau and Suyin, the Jaeger was piloted by another team who fought the Kaiju Tentalus.[4] The pilots were murdered in their apartment sometime after, and while Kaiju worshipers were thought responsible, the culprit was never caught.[6]

Yellow Sea Attack

In 2024, Shaolin Rogue is deployed eight hundred miles out into the Yellow Sea to the fight the Category III Kaiju Huo Da. Intending to prevent the Kaiju from reaching Shanghai, Shaolin Rogue attempts to halt the path of Huo Da underwater. The Kaiju damages its torso armor with its spiked tail, and tries to crush the Jaeger using its gangly limbs and frog-like tongue.

For much of the battle Shaolin Rogue is at an disadvantage, its attacks prove largely ineffective against the Kaiju and result in the destruction of its left arm after using the its lance to pierce the Huo Da's hide.[5]

The Ou-Yangs continue to struggle in the fight against Huo Da until Crimson Typhoon's arrival. Despite heavy damages inflicted, Shaolin Rogue is able to use its Meteor Chain to incapacitate Huo Da momentarily before it struggles free. Closer than ever to Shanghai's shoreline, Shaolin Rogue and Crimson Typhoon wound Huo Dao enough that it begins to bleed out. However, the Kaiju undergoes a rapid metamorphosis, sprouting wings. Shaolin Rogue is dragged out of the water and up into the air by Huo Da.

Hoping to give Crimson Typhoon a clear shot, the Ou-Yangs detach Shaolin Rogue's right arm from its body.[7] Catching them in mid-free fall, Huo Da flies Shaolin Rogue over the city and dives towards several buildings before dropping it. Shaolin Rogue's impact devastates a part of the city. Its damaged Conn-Pod crushes the leg of Suyin.[8]

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Shaolin Rogue assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Tentalus ?/?/?? ??? ??
Huo Da Yellow Sea 2024 Crimson Typhoon


Shaolin Rogue was designed for underwater travel and combat. Outfitted with Hydroreplusers on its back, Shaolin Rogue can travel walking upright or horizontally like a submarine while submerged. Increased oxygen reserves allows the pilots to remain underwater inside the Jaeger for extended periods of time while additional oxygen is extracted from seawater via electrolysis.[note 1][4]

Shaolin Rogue's ballast system and gas cells maintain orientation while underwater. It's primary weapon, the Meteor Chain, a hundred and sixty feet of chain made of titanium alloy in its right arm[7], could function both above and under water. Enhanced sonar allowed the Jaeger to track Kaiju at depths as far two-hundred feet. Housed in its left arm, Shaolin Rogue is armed with a carbide lance that can pierce Kaiju armor. Shaolin Rogue was armed with two magnesium laced warheads, nicknamed "Shooting Stars".[5] Explosive bolts in Shaolin Rogue's arms allow the pilots to detach damaged or compromised limbs.[7]


  • In keeping with maritime tradition, Shaolin Rogue is referred to as "she" by the Ou-Yangs.[4]


  1. "Shaolin Rogue, more than most Jaegers, had been built to fight underwater. She had vastly increased oxygen supply, and in fact could extract oxygen from seawater through electrolysis. She also had back-mounted turbines that could drive her horizontally through the water like a submarine or lift her toward the surface if she was upright but totally submerged."