Shrikethorn is a Category IV Kaiju and one of three Kaiju that attacks the city of MegaTokyo in 2035.[1][2]


Like Hakuja and Raijin, Shrikethorn's skin is grey and barbed. At the front of its head, shaped like a hammerhead shark, are multiple blue eyes. Other than its ability to produce plasma that it can use as an offensive weapon, Shrikethorn carries sharp, bioluminescent spines on both of its tails, which can be launched, becoming dangerous projectiles.


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Shrikethorn is one of three Kaiju that emerge from several artificial breaches created by the Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrids. Following Raijin and Hakuja, Shrikethorn enters MegaTokyo on their way to Mount Fuji, where they are intercepted by the four Jaegers.[2]

Shrikethorn chooses not to attack immediately, letting Raijin and Hakuja engage the Jaegers first. The Kaiju later moves in to assist Hakuja against Saber Athena, and fires its tail spines at the Jaeger. The attack disarms Saber Athena, allowing Hakuja to gain the upper hand.[2]

With Gipsy Avenger preoccupied with Raijin, Shrikethorn prepares to destroy Saber Athena, but its attack is halted by Bracer Phoenix, who fires on the Kaiju with its Vortex Cannons. All three Kaiju are later forced into a fusion by Newton Geiszler, creating the Mega-Kaiju.[2]


  • According to the official scale chart, Shrikethorn stands a little over 300 ft.
  • The name "Shrikethorn" is a combination of name Shrike and the thorns of a Rose bush.[4]
  • Unlike Hakuja and Raijin, Shrikethorn can run all fours or its hind legs.[4]


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