Sonny is an associate of Jake Pentecost.[1]


Pacific Rim: Aftermath

March 3, 2034, Sonny informs Jake Pentecost that Giovanni Capello has left the Santa Monica area “on business”. The information provided by Sonny is enough to motivate Jake Pentecost to break into Giovanni’s mansion to steal the Drift Core belonging to Striker Eureka.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Sonny commissions Jake Pentecost to steal a plasma capacitor from the remains of Romeo Blue from the Santa Monica Scrapyard. Sonny accompanies him during the break-in to the scrapyard. Entering the Jaeger, Jake is threatened by Sonny, who reminds him that he not only double crossed two previous dealers, like Hannibal Chau, but himself as well.[2]

Prioritizing his self-preservation, Jake reminds Sonny that, despite his previous actions, he was stealing for him now, as per “the circle of life”. Jake leads Sonny and his men into the Conn Pod of Romeo Blue on the promise of making them rich, only to find the capacitor stripped from the cockpit and missing. Sonny assumes Jake has betrayed him and prepares to kill him.[2]

Jake tries multiple times to convince Sonny that the device is still inside Conn-Pod, but only long enough to ensure his own escape. Sonny and his men pursue Jake through the remains of Romeo Blue, narrowing missing him each time as he evades capture. Jake appears to come to a dead end when he cannot open a hatch. Sonny and his men approach him, believing he’s been concerned, but are duped into stepping onto a hatch. Jake steps on the mechanism controlling the hatch and traps Sonny and his men down below.[2]


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