Spinejackal is a Category IV Kaiju.


Spinejackal was a tall, gray-skinned Kaiju with bioluminescent traces emitting from its mouth and eyes. On the back of its head and back were multiple barbed protrusions running down toward its tail. It possesses a jaw with mandibles and walked upright. It possessed panoramic vision from the abundance of eyes around the head enabling it to see front, sides, and back all at once.[1]


Spinejackal emerges from the Breach and attacks the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Mark-3 and Mark-5 Jaegers Vulcan Specter, and Striker Eureka are deployed against the Kaiju. Spinejackal, proves difficult to master.[1]

It preemptively thwarts the attacks of Vulcan when it attempts to herd it away from the city. It avoids Striker Eureka's Anti-Kaiju missile barrage attack. Eventually Vulcan Specter pushes far enough away from the city that Striker Eureka is able to use a nearby windmill to cut the top of its head off.[1]


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