Sting Blades Profile

Sting Blades as it appears in Pacific Rim: Amara #5.

Sting Blades is a Rogue Jaeger piloted by civilians Jin Yaozu and Vadim Sokolov.[1]


Pacific Rim: Amara

During an illegal Jaeger race set up by Ada, Jin and Vadim pilots Sting Blades against Scuttler, Headhunter, and Amara Namani. After Headhunter is rendered disqualified due to a collapsed bridge, Sting Blades and Scuttler continue, hot on Amara's tail. Using her turbo boosters, Amara is able to gain ground while crossing over a gap in the road. However, the boosters soon give out and she crashes just below the other side of the broken road. When she regains consciousness, she manages to catch the tail of Ada warning her of an approaching Jaeger. Amara spots Sting Blades moving toward her and freezes, imagining a Kaiju in its place.[1]

As Sting Blades grows closer to her, Scrapper appears and picks up the front of Sting Blades, incapacitating the Jaeger. Later on, this event is brought up by Jin, mentioning that Sting Blades had been destroyed by Scrapper.[1]


Sting Blades was built from parts of an unknown Jaegar, presumably using its spine. Sting Blades is built like a mechanical Centipede, crawling along eight thin legs. Its front cockpit area, decked with headlights and three auxiliary spotlights on the each side of the roof, is joined by two robotic arms that act as mandibles. Unusual for most Rogue Jaegers, it is piloted by two people like a PPDC-built Jaeger. [1]


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