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Strike Groups are Jaeger teams stationed at the Shatterdomes around the Pacific Rim during the Kaiju War.[1]


Jaegers that are assigned to defend a particular area of the Pacific Rim, starting from their Shatterdome's location, are usually paired with one or more Jaegers to fight alongside.[1][2] The number of Jaeger teams in a strike group appears to depend largely on how many the country or city has at their disposal. Initially, the number never appeared to go over two or three. However, instances with Lima, Tokyo and later Hong Kong's Shatterdome in 2025, reveal that strike groups can have up to four Jaeger teams.[1]

Strike Group Occupations

Strike Group personnel include:
  • Shatterdome Marshal - A high command position within the PPDC organization, these individuals are responsible for managing the overall function of their assigned Shatterdome, covering all officers and civilians,  as well as the Jaegers and their corresponding technology. 
  • LOCCENT Mission Controller - Responsible for directing Jaeger counterattacks during Kaiju combat.  Mission Controllers communicate with the Jaeger pilots and monitor both the continuing function of the mechs and the location and status of the attacking Kaiju.
  • Jumphawk pilot - Commanders of the airborne fleet responsible for deploying and retrieving Jaegers in the event of a Kaiju attack, Jumphawk squadron leaders (and their crews) pilot specialized helicopters designed to efficiently transport the Jaeger structures.
  • PPDC Strike Trooper - Ground forces deployed in a variety of situations, such as holding exclusion zones, laying down cover fire during Kaiju attacks, and guarding the perimeters and interiors of the Shatterdomes.

Strike Groups

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