Stacker Pentecost 5

Strike Troopers stand at attention in the presence of Stacker Pentecost.

PPDC Strike Trooper[1] is an occupation given to an officer assigned to a Strike Group.


Strike Troopers are the ground forces of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and participant in the Kaiju War. Troopers may find themselves deployed to any Shatterdome on the Pacific Rim. During a Kaiju attack, Troopers are dispatched to the streets of an exclusion zone, laying down ground fire.[1]

Strike teams also aid in the evacuation of civilians from cities and toward Anti-Kaiju Shelters. Troopers are described as "elites" and a rarity, as few have the courage to stand their ground in the face of a Kaiju attack without the assistance of a Jaeger.[1]


  • A strike team was seen during the credits assisting Gipsy Danger to combat a Kaiju. They were using tanks for supporting fire.[2][2]