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This article is about the Jaeger from Pacific Rim: The Black. You may be looking for the Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka.

Striker Berserker is a Jaeger of unknown Mark classification. During the Uprising War, Striker Berserker defends Australia against the Kaiju.


Early Combat History

Piloted by Herc Hansen and one other Ranger, Striker Berserker is deployed a number of fourteen times, presumably against the Kaiju as they begin to overrun Australia.[1]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Operation Blackout

In an overwhelmed city, Striker Berserker battles the Category III Kaiju, Acidquill.[2] During the course of the battle, Herc's co-pilot is killed, leaving him to fight on his own.[1] Executing Operation Blackout protocol, Herc also activates the solo piloting system in Striker Berserker and continues to fight Acidquill on his own.

Acidquill forces the Jaeger into a Pan Pacific Defense Corps building with its tail, impaling the Jaeger's torso with one of its limbs. Striker Berserker defends against most of the Kaiju's offense. Acidquill bites into Striker Beserker's upper back, pushing the Jaeger downwards and giving it a clear aim at its head. Striker Berserker is able to draw its right wrist blade and impale Acidquill under the chin. Acidquill's dead weight topples the Jaeger.[1][2]


The record of Striker Berserker's fight against Acidquill is recorded and stored by the PPDC. Atlas Destroyer's A.I., Loa, is able to access the Drift files for use. PPDC Cadet Taylor Travis uses Striker Berserker's record to teach himself how to pilot without the assistance of another.[1]


Striker Berserker is identical to the Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka in its design, including Striker Berserker's pair of twin split blades that extend from its wrists. Unique to its operation system, however, is the ability to initiate a solo piloting protocol, even if the pilot is already fighting on their own as the result of their co-pilot dying in battle.

Kaiju Killed

The following is roster of named Kaiju defeated by Striker Berserker, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Acidquill ??? ??? N/A



  1. Striker Berserker's remains are never seen in the series, and it remains intact after Acidquill falls on it.