Pacific Rim

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. It is the location of two major Kaiju attacks in 2014[1] and 2025.[2]



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Prior to the creation of the Jaeger Program, Scissure was the fourth Kaiju to attack a major city on the Pacific rim. It took the military a grand total of three days to lure the Kaiju into an isolated area of the city in order to kill it with nuclear missiles. The military managed to lead Scissure near the area of Garigal National Park before initiating a second nuclear missile strike.

The attack killed Scissure, but at the expense of that half of the city. The incident was part of the inspiration that led Jasper Schoenfeld to create the Jaegers.[1]


Following the authorization of the Jaeger Program, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps constructed a Shatterdome. Operations in the Shatterdome began in May 25, 2017. Sydney was defended by Jaeger's Vulcan Specter and Striker Eureka.[4]


The increase of the Kaiju attacks around the Pacific led to the steady decline of the Jaeger Program and the United Nations financial support. Sydney's Shatterdome was closed December 29, 2024 in favor of building the Anti-Kaiju Wall that would span the entirety of the Pacific Rim to prevent the incursion of Kaiju beyond the specific.

The wall sectioned off the contaminated part of the city where Scissure was killed.[1][5] However, the Kaiju Mutavore attacked, smashing through the wall.[2] The attack prompted the reactivation of Striker Eureka, who killed the creature. Riots were sparked by the question of why the Pan Pacific Defense Corps was abandoning the Jaeger Program.[2]


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