Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. It is the location of four major Kaiju attacks from 2014[1] through 2035.[4]



September 2, 2014, the Kaiju Scissure attacked the city of Sydney. An eleven year old Chuck Hansen is caught in the path of its destruction.[1] During his escape, he happened upon his father, Herc Hansen, and immediately asked for the whereabouts of his mother, who was killed in Scissure's rampage.[1]

Spinejackal Attack

At an undetermined time, the Category IV Kaiju Spinejackal emerged from the Breach and began attacking the city. Mark-3 Jaeger Vulcan Specter and Mark-5 Jaeger Striker Eureka were deployed in the bay, nearest to the Sydney Opera House as Spinejackal begins to come ashore.

Working together, Vulcan Specter and Striker Eureka push Spinejackal away from the city and back out into the water long enough for Striker Eureka to use a windmill blade to cut Spinejackal's head in two.[2]


December 27, 2024, three days after Christmas, the Category IV Kaiju Mutavore attacked the city. The Mark-3 Jaeger Vulcan Specter was deployed to combat the arrival of the Kaiju, however Mutavore easily overpowered Vulcan Specter, tearing the Jaeger apart.[3] Mutavore presumably broke through the Anti-Kaiju Wall and was later subdued and killed by Striker Eureka.[5]


During a council meeting between major heads of the reformed Pan Pacific Defense Corps, the Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid Obsidian Fury was ordered by Newton Geiszler to attack the city.

Though the presence of the Mark-6 Jaeger, Gipsy Avenger, prevented major causalities and minimal damage, Obsidian Fury succeeded in causing the death of Secretary-General Mako Mori.[4] Obsidian Fury's attack on the city and the death of Mako pushed the PPDC to authorize Liwen Shao's Drone Jaeger program.[4]


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